FAQ - Summer Research Internship

Who can apply?
Kuwaiti students who are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree at an institution of higher education other than MIT. Nonstudents may instead consider applying to the Scholarly Exchange Fellowship if eligible.
Do interns register at MIT?
Yes. Enrolled students will register as Visiting Students and enroll in a reseach subject NIV.RSCH.
Can I register for courses while at MIT?
No. Visiting Students cannot register for coursework while at MIT.
Is the program open to recent graduates?
No. This program is open to students who are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree at an institution of higher education other than MIT.
I am expecting to graduate before the End Date of the internship. Am I eligible to apply?
No. Applicants must demonstrate that their status with their home instituion is valid throughout the internship.
Can I choose the faculty member or research group with whom I would like to work?
We rely on your statement of purpose and your interests in matching you with the right members at MIT. We cannot always guarantee that your primary preferences will be granted as the matching process is subject to the availability of faculty members.
What are the English language requirements?
Excellent command of written and spoken English is required. We assess this from your application materials, interview, and the current language of instruction at your home instituion. Please note that we do not require particular exam records such as TOEFL.
What is your selection criteria?
Your overall application must demonstrate exceptional academic and research skills. We do not have minimum score requirements, however competitive applicants are expected to have an excellent academic record. We also consider prior research experiences.
Do you expect specific hardware or software skills?
Experiences in hardware, software, and other skills will strengthen your application.
Are their internship completion requirements?
All students are expected to prepare a research report summarizing their work while at MIT. All students are expected to present their work in an event held during the last week of the internship.
Do I receive a certificate of completion?
No. However, you will be able to request a regular transcript from MIT Office of the Registrar which will indicate your enrollment in a research subject, the number of units, and the grade awarded.
Is their progress reporting requirements?
During the internship, you are expected to update CNRE's administration with the milestones of your research progress and report preparation progress. We may specify dates for the completion of various parts of your reports.
I am currently a student in the USA. Do I need additional VISA requirements?
An MIT sponsored visa is NOT required. The International Students Office (ISO) will inform you of any documents needed.