A novel design for Lithium-ion Nanobattery


Ju Li, NSE, MIT; Sherif Eskandarany, Abdulsalam Al-Hazza (repl. Bassam Alfeeli), KISR

This project proposes to develop a rechargeable Li-ion nano-battery system using NEMS technology. For nano-batteryassembly, the challenge is to package the entire nano-system within the desired size limit of less than a typicalbiological cell (~10m). To overcome this problem, we propose to use one-dimensional (1D) nanomaterials forLi-ion electrodes. Our goal is to optimize the size of nano-battery to less than tens of micrometers, and toachieve a cycle performance of 90% or more of the initial capacity after 500 charge/discharge cycles at 0.1-1Crates. To understand the electrode degradation mechanism, we will also conduct in situ transmission electronmicroscopy (TEM) to monitor the charge/discharge process in the nanowires (NW), which will help design electrode materials with longer cycle lifetime.

Project Outcome ReportA novel design for lithium-ion nano-battery